VRS Coanda Simsport’s March roundup


March has traditionally been one of the busiest months on iRacing. This year was no exception for VRS Coanda Simsport. We’ve had races on every weekend and even had a new driver join our team.

VRS GT World Championship R1 – Bathurst
Qualifying started rough and the #8 car qualified in P7, the #18 and #1 qualified in P17 and 18 respectively. The #1 and #18 got involved in incidents right after T1 already, meaning their races were heavily compromised from the get go. The setup was rough to drive and in the end the #8 car finished where it started in P7. The #1 and #18 finished P26 and P31.

Tommy joins the team
In the week leading up to the first round of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series Tommy Østgaard joined the team. Tommy has worked with David already for some races in the Pro Series and made his debut in the iWCGPS under the Coanda banner.

12 Hours of Sebring
Coanda used the 12 Hours of Sebring as a small test for the upcoming VRS GT round in Sebring. Qualified in P12, David, Joni, Jorn and Rocco would compete in the 12 hour race. In the final few laps of the race, David passed CORE Motorsport’s Mercedes to finish on the final step of the podium.

iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series R1 – Interlagos
The first round of the iWCGPS took place in Brazil. There were familiar faces up front as Martin and Mitchell took P1 and P3 in qualifying. Mack, Martti, David and Tommy qualified in P9, 15, 19 and 20. It was a tough race for many, as the new tyres created a big unknown when it came to pit strategy. After running P2 virtually all race, unfortunately Mitchell had to concede to Greger Huttu who put it up the inside of T1 with an optimistic dive under braking from afar. Martti was looking good for a top 5 but got caught in an incident with Frederik Rasmussen. In the end Coanda finished with 3 cars in the top 4. Martin and Mitchell finished P1 and P3 on the podium, Mack finished P4 and David, Martti and Tommy finished P12, P14 and P15.

VRS GT World Championship R2 – Sebring
After getting reference times from the Sebring 12H, the team felt a bit more comfortable with the setup than in the first round. The #8 qualified in P14 with Mack behind the wheel, Klaus put the #1 in P20 and Joni put the #18 in P32. After a hectic opening lap caused by a jumpstart from one of the Triton cars the #8 would be in P8 already. The #1 and #18 were less fortunate and had compromised races from this point out. The #8 opted to doublestint tyres in the final stint rather than in the second stint and jumped ahead of a few cars in the end. The #8 ended in third place, the #1 in P13 and the #18 in P25.

NEO Endurance Series – 24H of Le Mans
With limited time to prepare due to the qualifying conflicting with the iWCGPS and the race with the VRS GT series, Coanda went into the race quite unprepared. Jake Hewlett qualified the #81 car in a solid fourth place. Jorn qualified the #88 car in P10. Jake taking the weight of the #81 on his shoulder drove the most of anyone in the race for Coanda. The #81 ended up finishing P3 and the #88 finished P4. This meant the #81 car and VRS Coanda Simsport are NEO Endurance Series champions for the fourth year running. The #88 car finished the series in fourth place.

iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series R2 – Phillip Island
Qualifying results were very mixed. Mitchell (pole), Martti and Martin all qualified in the top 5. The next Coanda car would be Mack who could only get P13, followed by David in P18 and Tommy in P35. After the start Martti would make his way up to second with Mitchell still in the lead. Unfortunately later in the first stint Martti got pushed off track from P4 and had to retire after showing promising initial pace. It would be a close battle for the win with Mitchell and Redline’s Greger Huttu both on a 2 stop. In the end Mitchell overtook Greger with a handful of laps to go, meaning VRS Coanda Simsport now has the record for the most consecutive victories in the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series. Martin ended on the podium in P3, Mack P5, David P13 and Tommy in P15.

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