VRS Coanda Simsport’s Blancpain GT Series entrants


Virtual Racing School Coanda Simsport return to the iRacing Blancpain GT Series featuring the world’s elite sim-racing endurance teams competing head-to-head for a total cash prize pool of over $13,000.

While the team fielded two BMW Z4 GT3 cars last year, they will have one BMW and two Mercedes AMG GT3 cars under the Coanda banner this season. This is going to be a big challenge with two different cars and a new ride for two of the teams.
After winning last seasons championship with the BMW Z4 GT3, the champions Klaus Kivekäs, Rens Broekman and Markus Lendermann will stick to their car and carry the prestigious #1 on it. iWCGPS champion Martin Krönke will supplement the team as a reserve driver.

The drivers of the #1 car seemed quite satisfied with their choice of car for the coming season.

Team Leader Klaus Kivekäs: “Give me front engine and understeer or give me death.”

Markus Lendermann: “Z4 OP”

Driver’s champion Jörn Jens will be partnered with Virtual Racing School Coanda Simsport’s new recruits Mack Bakkum and Jeremy Bouteloup. Mack and Jeremy were the only other BMW team beside Coanda to win a race last season. The team will take over the #18 from last year’s champions and switch to the Stuttgart based manufacturer.

The drivers of the #18 look to be just as happy as the #1 with their ride for next season.

Lead driver Jörn Jens: “Finally I don’t have to call a taxi when I want to drive Mercedes.”
18 notext2
Mack Bakkum: “I am already feeling miserable exiting the pits in this car.”

Last but not least the newly formed #8 team with Red Bull Global Rallycross driver Mitchell deJong, David Williams, Rocco Barone and reserve driver Philip Stamm had won the qualifier series with an Audi R8 GT3 in astonishing fashion and will join the Blancpain GT Series with high hopes in the team’s second Mercedes AMG GT3.

Mitchell deJong: “The ‘Murican sounding engine in this car makes me feel right at home.”

8 notext

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