Coanda Simsport was founded with two driving forces: passion for sim racing and determination for success. Although sim racing is our hobby, we’re very professionally structured, and all fueled by the desire and enthusiasm to become one of the most recognized and respected teams in sim racing. There’s tremendous focus from every member of the team on our collaborate goal.

The founding members, Jörn Jens, Klaus Kivekäs, Martin Krönke, Hugo Luis, Jesse Nieminen, Martti Pietilä and Philip Stamm already provide an impressing lineup. The combined achievements of these drivers include a great number victories and podiums in the highest ranking sim racing series there are, mainly iRacing World Championship and Masters of Endurance.

Our current goals are set on retaining both iRacing World Championships, the Blancpain Endurance Series and the Grand Prix Series. High motivation paired with vast amount of technical knowledge on race car vehicle dynamics and of course the ability to get absolutely everything out of the car on the track will be the reasons why we are not going to aim anywhere else but the absolute top on the results sheet.

Coanda Simsport Achievements

2018 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series
2017 iracing_profileiRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series Medaille_Gold
2017 iracing_profileBlancpain GT Series Medaille_Bronze
2017 iracing_profileiRacing 24H of Le Mans Medaille_Gold
2017 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2017 iracing_profileiRacing Road Pro Series Medaille_Gold
2017 iracing_profileiRacing Daytona 24H Medaille_Gold
2016 rfactor_profileThrustmaster 24 Hours of Interlagos at Simply Race Medaille_Bronze
2016 24h of Le Mans, prototype class Medaille_Gold
2016 Blancpain GT Series World Championship Medaille_Gold
2016 World Championship Grand Prix Series Medaille_Gold
2016 6h of Watkins Glen GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2016 6h of Watkins Glen GT3 Class medaille_silber
2016 12h of Sebring GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2016 Daytona 24h Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2015 Petit Le Mans GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 24h Spa-Franchorchamps GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 6h of the Glen Medaille_Gold
2015 12h Sebring GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2015 24h Daytona Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2015 24h Daytona GT3 Class 5th
2015 iracing_profileMasters of Endurance medaille_silber
2014 iracing_profileVirtual Racing e.V. 12h Daytona GT3 Medaille_Gold
2014 24h Spa Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2014 24h Spa Prototype Class 5th