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It’s mid-season break in the iRacing.com World Championship Grand Prix Series and we took the chance to sit down with Coanda’s Hugo Luis, the brazilian simracing legend and iRacing.com World Champion from 2011.

And now for the interview!

Q: Tell us a bit, how did you get in to sim racing?

A: I always liked motorsports, and racing games were always very interesting to me. I always hated the way cars were behaving with unrealistic physics. In 2003/2004 I used to drive NR2003 and NT2004, until the moment I heard about the Live for Speed simulator and there I stayed until late 2009.

Q: Your first iRacing Championship season in 2011 and you won the championship right off the bat, what kind of emotions does that raise in you today?

A: It always make me think that once you put effort into something – you can get the results you want. I feel very happy for that accomplishment and I also use it to motivate others to believe on what they do.

Hugo Luis passQ: After you had to end your season just after the mid point in 2014, how does it now feel to be back?

A: I’m convinced that it will be far from being anything like 2011-2013. I don’t have the time to practice properly and lack of motivation also doesn’t help much. I’m still having difficulties to adapt to the car, but I hope to get in shape again for next year.

Q: Talking about the changes mid season last year, our current team was formed in the same time. Even though mostly the people are still the same as before, but how do you feel that things have changed since, or have they?

A: Honestly speaking, drivers are what makes a team. I love my team mates even though I’m not being so much active in the team activities and I feel terrible for not being able to contribute much for it’s success.

Q: Talking about other things you do, you are one of the founding members at Racespot.tv, could you tell us a bit of how you eventually got interested in race broadcasting?

A: I have been involved in race broadcasting for a long time, probably 7 years. Used to work in the background and always liked it, but after streaming several races for iRacing Brasil, Rafael Sanque (iRB’s owner), Wil Vincent and I thought it would be a good idea to create RaceSpotTV. I just love it as much as driving.

Hugo Luis with Massa, Barichello, FarfusQ: Have you had a chance to try out any motorsports, and if you did, how did it go?

A: I had a couple of tries. I’ve participated in a racing school in Interlagos, São Paulo, for one day only, so I wasn’t allowed to push. It was a prize for the winner of a Game Stock Car event, promoted by RaceBrasil. It was a good experience, even though I couldn’t push!


The most epic try I ever had, was in the iRacing Brasil’s meeting at Piracicaba, São Paulo (Brazil). We were at this track to watch two of our fellow iRacers (Anderson Paes and Rafael Matta) drive their touring cars in real life for the first time. And then guess what. Their team owner, who is also an iRacer (Luis Antonio Piccolo), told me “put your suit and helmet on, let’s drive.” Simply as that. He knew I had my equipment because we would do some karting in the same weekend. Oh god, I was antonished, couldn’t believe it. I did a whole practice session and was able to put decent times in the end. I will never forget that moment and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity he gave me. That was fun!

Q: As a final question, if you would give one tip to the aspiring sim racer who wants to become a world champion, what would it be?

A: Believe in yourself, put effort into what you do. Go for it. Five years ago, I would never expect to accomplish a World Championship. Never think that you can’t, or that you have found your limits. Talent is not something that just picks in a random person and *boom* he is going to be a champion of this and that. You build your talent.


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  1. Great interview. Hugo is a very important member in our community!


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