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Virtual Racing School (VRS)

Virtual Racing School (VRS) was founded with the mission to create the next generation of iRacing champions!

Virtual Racing School (VRS) is a new service which offers a range to tools and services to the iRacing community:
– VRS offers a fresh and modern take on telemetry analysis by developing intuitive and easy to use web-based telemetry analysis tools.
– VRS is developing a Virtual Coach which automates telemetry analysis and identifies opportunities for improvement.
– VRS makes it easy for teams to collaborate and e.g. for teammates to learn from each other by comparing each other’s telemetries.
– VRS offers Data Packs for popular iRacing series. Data Packs are provided by top iRacers and include their setup, hot lap telemetry and replay.
– VRS offers 1:1 Coaching with top iRacing drivers. When the tools and software VRS has to offer are not enough to improve your driving and racing skills, request a 1:1 coaching session to learn directly from some of the fastest iRacers.

Virtual Racing School is still heavily under development and FREE while in BETA. Check out the VRS website to learn more or sign-up.

Virtual Racing School (VRS)



Ideas become reality

Andreas Werner is a 27 year old graphic designer based in Munich. He is naturally inspired by the hidden things of life like smell, emotions, mimic, gesture and surroundings let his creative vein pulsate. Andy develops and realizes concepts for clients like Adidas, Mini, BMW, FIVB, Philip Morris, Allianz to name a few. Learn more…

sim-products is the one-stop-shop for all your sim racing equipment. We sell the products from the best brands like Heusinkveld, Track-Time and Fi-Tech in an easy to use website, combining warrantee, postage and customer care in one single place. Learn more…


Broadcast your race

RaceSpot is committed to producing high quality broadcasting, and have formed partnerships with a number of individuals and groups to ensure the entire iRacing community can benefit from high quality, affordable services. Racespot is known for broadcasting the official iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series. Learn more…

Joel Real Timing

App for iRacing

Joel Real Timing is a live timing app for iRacing using real time updates! The app dashboard shows all the information that can be useful for the driver and and engineers. From fastest lap times over to relative gaps, everything you want to know is available and completely customizable for your needs! Learn more…