Mack Bakkum joins Coanda Simsport


X7rDafNWe are happy to announce that Mack Bakkum has joined Coanda Simsport. The 22-year-old Dutchman is going to support the team in Blancpain GT and NEO Endurance Series.

Jörn Jens: “We think that Mack is a great addition to the team. Our main goal is to have another competitive car in Blancpain GT and Mack has shown that he has definitely the talent for it, we are looking forward to start the Qualifier Series with him later this year.”

Mack Bakkum: “I’m extremely happy to be joining Coanda. They’ve have proven time and time again that they are at the very top of sim racing in all categories. I can’t wait to start working with the team and achieve even more. More specifically, I’m looking forward to the NEO Endurance and upcoming Blancpain GT seasons where I’m confident we can put together good results.”

Click here to see Mack’s driver profile.

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