GTSprint Round 1 Suzuka: Start into Season VI


Coanda Simsport was visiting Suzuka yet another time this week vor the inaugural race of the GTSprintseries hosted by Virtual Racing e.V. This series is packed with high class drivers racing every two weeks for the championship. The series is running cars from the GT3 class, which means you will see top sportscars from manufacturers like McLaren, BMW andRUF in the GTSprint races.  Race2_8

The team is represented by Jörn Jens driving the McLaren MP4-GT3 and Philip Stamm, who will showcase our colours in a BMW Z4 GT3. Expections are high as Jörn goes as favorite for the overall championship into the season.

The qualifying saw the first surprise where Jörn was unable to set an adequate time and only scored the 6th fastest time. The session was dominated by Pure Racing, who put their drivers into the first 3 grid spots. Team Allian, whos driver Marcus Jirak won the last season championship, qualified their drivers into 4th (Sven Glatzel) and 8th (Marcus Jirak) position. Philip Stamm set the 19th fastest time in the 34-driver-grid and was looking to gain a few positions to secure his spot in the first grid.

At the start of the race Patrick Pichler and Andreas Dirnberger were able to retain the lead, but their teammate Tom Vallenthini dropped to 5th position after he was passed by Hannes Thaler from Alpine Eagles Racing and Jörn Jens. Philip Stamm lost a few spots at the start but was able make up positions again and only dropped to 20th place after first lap. With a spin on lap 8 close to the end of the 20-minute-race he dropped back to 31st place, where he would have to start the second race of the evening. Jörn’s race went better as he was able to pass Thaler and Dirnberger by lap 7 to chase Patrick Pichler for the lead for the remaining 4 laps. Jörn was able to catch Pichler and the last 2 laps saw close racing, but is was too late for a move for the lead. Patrick Pichler won race 1, followed by Jörn Jens and Sven Glatzel.

With the grid lining up for second race after the result of race 1 but with the first 10 driver inverted, Jörn would have to make his way through the field yet another time starting from 9th. Hot Pursuit Motorsport driver Martin Kolibal started from pole after finishing 10th in first race, sharing the front row with Hannes Thaler. Marcus Jirak starting 3rd, after carrying a damaged car to finish after an early collision in first race. Jörn had a great start and a few good maneuvers to pass other drivers and could already make it into 4th position after lap 1, with race 1 winner Patrick Pichler only making it to 9th position.Race2_4 By lap 5 Jörn was able to get into the draft of Jirak, who took the lead at the beginning of the race. The following 6 laps saw a tough battle between the two with lots of two wide racing until the battle of the two found an sudden end after Jirak spun his car. Meanwhile Philip made it up into 21st position already, looking forward to gain a few more by the end of the race.

With pit stops coming into play in this 60-minute-race, Jörn Jens stayed out longer than most of his direct rivals and lost quite some time running on old tires. After his pitstop he was just able to retain the lead infront of Tom Vallenthini. Philip Stamm was lying up into 2nd position before his pitstop and dropped back into 21st afterwards. The final 10 laps of the race saw Jörn increasing his lead, while Philip was still chasing to gain a few positions. With fresher tires than all his oppponents, he was able to pass some of them quite easily, making it to 14th spot by the end of the race.

The race was won by Jörn, followed by Tom Vallenthini and Tobias Czerny from Hot Pursuit Motorsport. Sven Glatzel finished 4th just one spot ahead of race 1 winner Patrick Pichler.

In the championship standing Jörn is leading now with 194 points, followed by Patrick Pichler (-8), Tom Vallenthini (-14), Sven Glatzel (-15) and Tobias Czerny (-18). Pure Racing (366) is leading the team standings, ahead of Team Allian (-22) and Coanda Simsport (-37). For detailed standings and results visit

Next race on September 29th will be held at the Twin Ring Motegi, featuring the first night race of the season.



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