Martti Pietilä

Racing has always been what Martti has wanted to do. As a small boy, he drove his neighbours crazy by driving around the small roads around his home with a lawnmower powered Lokari car. This resulted with him beeing taken to the local kart track in 1991, which were the first steps in the long jorney of racing. His karting career lasted for 18 years, and resulted him with several great races and 3 championships.

Martti always had to keep on racing when the long winters of Finland prohibited him to get to the local track. Around the same time he started karting, he found F1WC by Geoff Crammond. Martti would eventually go through the whole GP series, but it was only when Simbin released their title, GTR, that things started to get interesting. Having had the odd chance to give online racing a go with Grand Prix Legends, GTR was a huge step forwards. At this point, Martti got to know his first teammates in Dutch based Giant Pixel Racing team. When rFactor1 was released, he drove some league races, but eventually took quite a long break from sim racing.

In late summer 2010, a few years after having ended his karting “career”, Martti felt the need to start racing again. A few races at public rFactor servers weren’t able to give Martti his “fix”, so he decided to try out iRacing with the thought of driving every now and then and having fun. After slowly progressing to the A class races, he decided that it might be worth a try to aim a bit higher. In 2011 Martti claimed his iRacing WCS licence, and has so far completed 2 years in the series with 3rd season well past it’s half point. Martti has been able to gain numerous top10 positions and handful of top5 results during the years in the series. However, if someone asks Martti, he most certainly hasn’t yet reached the level of performance that he’s expecting to be at. Best results always lie ahead!

Birthdate: July 1984
Location: Espoo, Finland
Equipment: Fanatec Clubsport Wheel, Clubsport Pedals V1
2017 World Championship Grand Prix Seriesiracing_profile 5th
2017 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profile24H of Le Mans Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2015 World Championship Grand Prix Series 13th
2015 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2014 iracing_profile Racespot 24h Spa Medaille_Gold
2014 iracing_profile World Championship Grand Prix Series 13th
2013 Foracer 24h Nordschleiferfactor_profile Medaille_Gold
2013 Grandprix Series iracing_profile Medaille_Gold
2013 World Championship Grand Prix Seriesiracing_profile 8th
2012 World Championship Grand Prix Seriesiracing_profile 12th