Martin Krönke

Martins simracing career started at an early age. In 1995 he watched his dad play a racing game on the computer and was hooked immediately. Until getting a broadband internet connection it was just singleplayer though.

After getting said broadband connection in 2004, he started racing on public servers on Toca Racedriver 2. A few months later the public demo of “GTR” has been released which took him to ‘proper’ simulations. After the release of the full game, he was racing online on public servers until “GTR2” was released.

In 2007 he switched to the simulation “Live for Speed” and joined his first team. After some success in the ESL league which was discontinued, Martin switched to endurance racing in leagues such as LFSGT and Masters of Endurance. This has been his main simracing activity until September 2010, when he stopped racing on “LFS”.

As Ferrari hosted an online competition with their own simulation, he tried to fight for weekly prizes as well as the overall prize. It turned out very well for him, finishing 3rd in the worldwide ranking won him a trip to the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello and the chance to drive a Formula Abarth at Ferraris testtrack Fiorano.

Since “Ferrari Virtual Academy” had no multiplayer option, he had to find a new simulation and ended up with subscribing to iRacing.

After spending a little more than one season (4 months) with various cars (MX5, Star Mazda, Ford Mustang), he competed for a Pro license in his second full season on the service. In the winter 2011/2012 he competed in the Road Pro series, finishing 2nd.

Since then Martin mainly competed in the World Championship Grand Prix Series.

Birthdate: 19.04.1991
Hometown: Jettingen, Germany
Location: Jettingen, Germany
Equipment: Aluminium Rig, Leo Bodnar SimSteering, Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Pedals Pro
2017 World Championship Grand Prix Series Medaille_Gold
2017 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2017 Daytona 24h Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2016 World Championship Grand Prix Series Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2016 Daytona 24h Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2015 World Championship Grand Prix Series medaille_silber
2015 Petit Le Mans GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileMasters of Endurance medaille_silber
2015 24h Daytona Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2014 iracing_profile Racespot 24h Spa Medaille_Gold
2014 iracing_profile World Championship Grand Prix Series medaille_silber
2013 World Championship Grand Prix Seriesiracing_profile 5th
2013 Virtual Racing e.V. GT Seriesiracing_profile Medaille_Gold
2012 World Championship Grandprix Seriesiracing_profile 6th
2012 World Cup Road Finaliracing_profile medaille_silber
2012 GlacierTV ProtIceiracing_profile medaille_silber
2011 iRacing Pro Series Roadiracing_profile medaille_silber
2011 World Cup Road Finaliracing_profile medaille_silber
2011 Grand Prix Series Season 2iracing_profile medaille_bronze
2010 World Cup Road Finaliracing_profile 4th
2010 Ferrari Virtual Academy