Mack Bakkum

Ever since Mack was a young kid he was very enthusiastic about Formula 1, it wasn’t until 2013 that he started Sim Racing though. After finding videos of people racing online on iRacing Mack was quickly sold and he bought his equipment and started.

A little over a year into his simracing career, Mack managed to get his Pro F1 license. Due to a lack of time he was not able to compete the 2014 iRPS. After half a year break Mack came back to iRacing to complete what didn’t work out last time. With 6 weeks left to go in the final qualifying season he achieved his Pro license at the end of the season.

Mack just missed out achieving his full Pro/WC license with just starting 6 races in the iWCGPS of 2015. In the following iRPS Mack managed to win the most races while racing in less than half of them.

Since 2016 Mack has been active in the VRSGT World Championship and iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, winning multiple races in both series.

Birthdate: 04.11.1993
Hometown: Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam
Equipment: SimQuip OSW + Fanatec F1 Rim, Heusinkveld Ultimates, DIY 80/40 aluminium rig and 3x Dell S2716DG
2018 World Championship Grand Prix Series medaille_bronze
2018 iracing_profileVRS GT World Championship medaille_bronze
2018 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2017 World Championship Grand Prix Seriesiracing_profile 4th
2017 iracing_profile24H of Le Mans Medaille_Gold
2017 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2017 Daytona 24h GT3 Class medaille_bronze
2016 iracing_profileBlancpain GT Series – 3h Brands Hatch Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profile iRacing Road Pro Series Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series – HPD medaille_bronze
2015 iracing_profileDaytona 24h – HPD medaille_bronze
2014 NEO Endurance Series – HPDiracing_profile medaille_bronze
2014 Grandprix Series iracing_profileSeason 3 medaille_bronze
2013 HPD ProtoGT iracing_profile Season 3 medaille_bronze