Jörn Jens

Coming from 3ID Motorsport, Jörn is one of the founders of the new team Coanda Simsport.

Before starting his simracing career the 1986 born German started playing various titles like TOCA Race Driver and Gran Turismo at a young age, but did not start playing them more or less seriously before 2007.

The simracing allrounder, driving competitively in anything with four wheels from high tier formula cars to NASCAR, started his serious career in late 2009 with rFactor for a short time before joining iRacing.com in 2010.

After 2 years of getting into the business Jörn started to compete mainly for Oval Racing and barely missed the Pro License qualification in 2012. After that he started to focus on the Williams FW31 to qualify for for the Road Racing Pro License in 2013, which he did achieve already early in the year, and competed in the iRacing.com World Championship Grand Prix Series in 2014

In 2016 Jörn is going to make a return to World Championship level after qualifying for the Blancplain GT Series.

Birthdate: 28.10.1986
Hometown: Garding, Germany
Location: Garding, Germany
Equipment: Aluminium Rig with triple Screen, Fanatec Clubsport Wheel, Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Pedals Pro
Simulation: iRacing.com
2017 iracing_profileiRacing.com Daytona 24h Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileiRacing Blancpain GT Series Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileiRacing.com 6h of Watkins Glen GT3 Class medaille_silber
2016 iracing_profileiRacing.com 12h of Sebring GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2016 iracing_profileiRacing.com Daytona 24h Prototype Class Medaille_Gold
2015 Virtual Racing e.V. Driver of the Yeariracing_profile Medaille_Gold
2015 Virtual Racing e.V. GTSprint Series VIIiracing_profile Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileiRacing.com Petit Le Mans GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 Virtual Racing e.V. GTSprint Series VIIiracing_profile Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileiRacing.com 24h Spa-Franchorchamps GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileiRacing.com Blancpain Endurance Series Season 2 Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileiRacing.com 12h Sebring GT3 Class Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold
2015 iracing_profileMasters of Endurance medaille_silber
2015 iracing_profileiRacing.com 24h Daytona GT3 Class 5th
2014 Virtual Racing e.V. GTSprint Series VIiracing_profile Medaille_Gold
2014 iracing_profile Racespot 24h Spa Medaille_Gold
2014 GT3 Challenge Season 3iracing_profile medaille_silber
2014 Virtual Racing e.V. GT Seriesiracing_profile medaille_bronze
2013 iRacing.com Pro Series Road 1iracing_profile 7th
2013 iRacing.com Grand Prix Series Season 1iracing_profile 4th
2012 GlacierTV ProtoICEiracing_profile 6th
2012 Virtual Racing e.V. DOM Season 1iracing_profile medaille_silber
2008 Virtual 24h Race Nürburgring Medaille_Gold