Jake Hewlett

Jake started exploring video games from just 4 years old where he played various different types of games where he would always strive for the top no matter the genre.

During his early years his love for cars was made known very quickly when he started playing every possible racing game on every type of console starting with the likes of Sega Rally and Porsche Challenge on the playstation 1 as well as various titles on the Sega Megadrive!

Jake continued to run Time Attack sessions and set various personal goals whilst being limited to single player only up until 2006 when he got a broadband connnection which would see him not only compete on various shooters and strategy games and the top level this would set the stone to the start of his real racing competition.

In almost every racing title released on the Xbox 360 Jake would go on to set various world record times and ranks throughout the board.

After taking a break from racing seriously Jake would finally purchase his first PC in December of 2015 which would ultimately lead to him purchasing his first Wheel and pedal set and lead to him Joining the iRacing.com Simulation in May of 2016 Jake soared through the lower ranks and earned various 1st place championship finishes in his first full season on the simulator.

After competing and focusing mostly in the Blancpain Sprint Series Jake would find his way to Coanda Simsport in August of 2017 after intially declining a offer in late 2016 due to feeling he was not ready.

Jake will run the BGT Pro series with Coanda in 2018 and further explore other disciplines throughout the season.

Birthdate: 13.12.1992
Hometown: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Equipment: Heusinkveld Sim Rig GT, SimQuip DD wheel and Heusinkveld Pro pedals
Simulation: iRacing.com
2018 iracing_profileNEO Endurance Series Medaille_Gold