VRS Coanda Simsport’s 2018 iWCGPS preview


David Williams will join the existing roster of Martin Krönke, Mack Bakkum, Martti Pietilä and Mitchell DeJong after finishing the iRacing Road Pro Series in 8th place. Series runner up Tommy Østgaard will also be joining the line-up meaning VRS Coanda Simsport will have a 6 car effort this year.

MKThe 14 round season starts on the 17th of March at Interlagos and will conclude on the 20th of October at Circuit of the Americas. The new paintscheme for 2018 will be piloted by Martin(#5), Mack(#16), Martti(#96), Mitchell(#24), Tommy(#1), David(#27), and will carry the logos of our partners: Virtual Racing School, Heusinkveld Engineering, Andwerndesign, SimQuip, RaceSpot and JoelRealTiming.

What are you goals for the upcoming iWCGPS season?

Martin: “I would like to get 0 incidents this year.”

Mack: “Last year I finished P4 in the championship and I am sure I would’ve ended P2 if I hadn’t missed the Spa round. So for this year I want to finish atleast P2 in the championship. And as a more personal achievement i’d like to do something which i’ve never ever been able to do so far, and that is to finish ahead of Martin in a qualifying or race session.”

Martti: “My goal stays the same as it has always been: Improve each race. After 6 seasons in the series I’m still learning new surprising things as the races go by. If I keep doing that until end of this season, I can surely be happy of how the standings are going to look!”

Mitchell: “My goals for this season will be to build upon the results from 2017. For the first time ever, since I’ve started racing in the WCS, I’ll be able to “technically” complete a full season with one drop. I’m very excited for the opportunity and looking to make the best of it.”

Tommy: “For the next season my goal is to finish in the top 10 of the championship. Along with that i’m aiming for a top 5 finish in a race, but that definitely won’t come easy!”

David: “I’m excited to be back at the top level of sim racing! My goal for this year is to provide strong support for the rest of the team, and to target podiums towards the latter half of the season.”


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