Championship still open after Silverstone


Following a win at Brands Hatch for last years championship winning #1 BMW, VRS Coanda Simsport would be looking for another strong result at Silverstone to keep their championship hopes alive.

Qualifying would be a familiar story at the front of the field, the single lap pace advantage of the McLarens clear to see with CoRe SimRacing Orange again topping the timesheets. The #1 Coanda BMW in the hands of Markus Lendermann would pull off a brilliant lap good enough for 3rd on the grid, with Mitchell deJong just a tenth and a half back but down in 8th for the #8 AMG, and Jeremy Bouteloup three more tenths back in 21st for the #18 car, such was again the closeness of the grid.

1.BMW_LEading_OpeningBefore the race even got underway there would be drama, with the leading CoRe machine suffering an unfortunate loss of connection to the server during the warm-up lap. This would promote Markus in the BMW to controlling the field, allowing him to immediately pull away from the pack in the lead, commencing the 3 hour race.

More drama would shortly follow the green flag, with carnage in the midfield and one of the biggest start wrecks in series history caused by a coming together of Heusinkveld CORE Motorsports #66 and Pure Racing Team Black #72. The chaos would unfortunately leave the #18 Coanda AMG with nowhere to go, resulting in an early retirement from the race.

2_#18rekt“Starting from the back I knew there would be a lot of risks and I was right. Huge crash in front of me between Core and PRT and out of the 2 options I had I chose the wrong one and went on the left side. I couldn’t avoid Core and Mivano who was passing by and that started the chain reaction. Really sad to finish our race that way.”Jeremy Bouteloup

At the front, Markus would eventually begin to struggle with tyre wear after initially pulling a gap, allowing the pursuing PRT Red Ford GT to pass for the lead. The #8 car in the hands of Mitchell would work it’s way up the field having very strong race pace forcing some decisive moves into Stowe on multiple occasions.

“After the start I started to pull away from everyone slightly and I felt the same vibes as I did at Imola last year, so I genuinely thought the win was ours to lose. Clearly I was wrong when Max started to close the gap and subsequently disappear into the distance as apparently the Ford GT has no tyre wear around here.”Markus Lendermann

4_BonoRensArghBoth Coanda cars would change tyres in the first stop, dropping them down the order, with Rens Broekman and Mitchell working their way back up to 4th and 6th place for the #1 and #8 machines respectively by just over midway through the race. On lap 58, Rens would be rear-ended while passing the Team Redline Green car for 3rd position, allowing Mitchell through to 5th, and dropping Rens down to 6th.

For the final 45 minute stint, the #8 and #1 cars would again opt for tyres considering it to be the stronger strategy, rejoining 3rd and 5th with David Williams and Klaus Kivekäs respectively taking over. Believing the final two podium spots for up for grabs, both drivers pushed hard, relentlessly closing the gap to ineX Racing Red, before eventually running into lapped traffic, forcing their charge to come up just 1.2 seconds short behind ineX at the finish line.

3_MitchellOvertakeGrunner“We opted to change tyres, knowing how much they fell off in practice, but this turned out to be a mistake. ineX took 1 or 2 tyres less than we did, resulting in us coming out 7 seconds behind. Initially our pace didn’t look good enough to make it work, but towards the end of the race ineX struggled more and more and the gap really started to come down. This was until we ran into lapped traffic, who refused to yield despite the obvious blue flags, not cool.”David Williams

With championship leaders CoRe SimRacing Orange finishing down in 11th after technical issues at the start, 4th and 5th position for VRS Coanda Simsports #8 and #1 cars respectively ensure that Coanda remain in contention for the title, with Zolder round 4 at Zolder in 3 weeks time.


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